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Basic Mennonite library for MB congregations


The Mennonite story is a wonderful story. It is a story of over 450 years spanning many continents and cultures. It is a story rich in heroic figures and stirring commitments. Like the story of the Children of Israel, it is the story of God’s presence, grace and faithfulness.

This small listing of books and websites about the larger Mennonite and the more specific Mennonite Brethren world is intended to assist congregations and individuals in developing a basic library of Mennonite reference works. There are items here that are appropriate for the life-long member and the newcomer. Reading these materials or visiting these websites will help all to become better informed about this particular Christian faith tradition. Those books that are readable online through the Open Library are indicated.

The listing is short and selective. There are many other fine books that could be included. We have included here those that the Historical Commission recommends for library development.

Overviews of Mennonite history


Mennonite Brethren Church

Mennonites in Europe

Mennonites in North America

Mennonites in other regions

Mennonite theology and biblical studies

Mennonite peacemaking

Mennonite mission, witness, and service


Ordering information

If any of these items are not available from your local or online bookseller, they can be ordered from Kindred Productions.