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Archival Development Grants

The Historical Commission of the US and Canadian Mennonite Brethren Churches announces two grants of up to $2,000 to support the development of Mennonite archives around the world.

Projects may include, but are not limited to, funding to purchase computers, scanners, shelving, archival boxes and supplies; funding to help with organizing a conference, symposium, or publication; and funding to support an archival project (e.g., processing a donated collection, processing photos for Mennonite Archival Image Database).

To apply, send the following materials by April 30, 2024, to Jon Isaak, Executive Secretary, Historical Commission, 1310 Taylor Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba R3M 3Z6:

  1. a cover letter;

  2. a 500-word summary of the project and expected outcomes, stating the project’s significance and contribution to the archive’s mandate;

  3. a budget of anticipated expenses (supplies, personnel, etc.); and

  4. a letter of recommendation from the national church overseer or advisory board chair.

Recipients of the award will be announced in June 2024, following the annual meeting of the Historical Commission. Disbursements will also be made in June 2024. The Commission may choose not to award the grant, if none of the applications is deemed acceptable.

The first grant is open to archives from the International Community of Mennonite Brethren Churches (ICOMB) outside the US and Canada. These archives are encouraged to apply for development support.

The second grant is open to archives operating in the US and Canada. These archives are encouraged to apply for development support, but preference will be given to archives serving Mennonite Brethren churches in the US or Canada.